Men’s tryouts show promise

With the first three weeks of tryouts nearly completed, new Men’s coach Bob Mann, has been impressed with some of the talent that has walked through his door. More importantly, he is enjoying the commitment and work ethic being displayed by his new charges.

After having forty plus players tryout, Bob will be announcing his initial squad this Friday to go through to the next stage this Friday. The Black Angels will be fielding a larger squad this year which will include the BIG V Men’s squad and a reserves squad to play in a mid-week competition.

This will allow Bob to develop players not ready for the BIG V level just yet, while also ensuring ALL players are getting the required court time to develop whether that is through the BIG V matches or the reserve games. This will also ensure depth within the squad to cover for injuries and to enhance training. This structure also ensures more University students will have an opportunity to train and play at a more elite level.

Bob is encouraged by these initial sessions and is looking forward to the next stage of the pre-season.

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